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About this site

One of the greatest challenges of being a new doula is getting those first few clients for certification. Some parents cannot afford an experienced doula, and look for a doula in training as a cheaper option. This site seeks to connect these new doulas and new parents who live in Utah. It also works to support new doulas in establishing good business practices and help them finish certification. Each of the doulas listed here is establishing her own independent business, and are not employees or contractors of Utah Doulas in Training.

This project seeks to serve two different kinds of doulas:

Birth Doulas

BirthDoulaIcon Birth doulas work with expecting parents starting in pregnancy. They usually meet with parents before birth, to learn about the parents’ plans for the birth, to answer any questions, and to practice skills that will be useful in labor. When labor begins your birth doula will join you, labor with you at your chosen place of birth, and assist you throughout your labor, birth and the first moments after birth. Many birth doulas also do a final postpartum visit shortly after, to see if you have any needs, concerns or questions she can help with.

Postpartum Doulas

PostpartumDoulaIcon Postpartum doulas primarily work with new parents after the baby comes. The services they provide might vary quite a bit. Some are more baby focused, and spend most of their time helping with newborn care, breastfeeding issues, etc. Some support the whole family, and might also offer light housekeeping, meal preparation, entertaining older siblings, etc. Some postpartum doulas do overnight care, some only work days. Check with any doula you interview to ensure that the services you want match the services she provides.

photo courtesy Kristin Roper Photography
photo courtesy Kristin Roper Photography

About the woman behind this site

Andrea Lythgoe
I have been running a successful and profitable birth doula business in the Salt Lake City area since 1999. In all those years, I have sadly seen hundreds of doulas – talented, gifted women – leave the profession because of burnout and family strife over the difficulties of the job. This lead me to start mentoring new doulas and taking apprentices under my wing. I started this site as an effort to help newer doulas on a much larger scale.

About doula training

Most birth doulas in Utah train through DONA International, because we have two excellent DONA trainers, Melissa Chappell and Kristi Ridd-Young, who live right here in Utah.

Kristy Huber is a local postpartum doula who does annual trainings through the Midwives College of Utah. Occasionally other postpartum doula trainings are held locally, and as we hear of them we will pass that information on to our members.

However, there are a multitude of doula training programs of varying quality out there, for both birth and postpartum doulas. I strongly encourage both doulas and the parents who hire them to look at the quality of the training program carefully as part of the process. You can find a list of training programs, with links to their programs, on Radical Doula’s Site here or at DoulaMatch.net here. You will also want to google the name of the training program with “reviews” to find feedback from doulas who have been through the program.

Most doula training programs require evaluated births or postpartum work as part of the training. Please take care to assist your doula in completing any necessary paperwork, and encourage your care providers to do the same (if needed), in exchange for the discounted price of the doula work. All too many new doulas are frustrated when they work long hours at a deeply discounted price and the parents cannot be bothered to fill out the paperwork they need.

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