FAQ for doulas

DoulasInTrainingDoulaSignup-1What do I get for signing up?

  • A one year listing on the Utah Doulas in Training web site
  • Private Facebook group for new doulas in Utah to connect with each other, find backup, etc.
  • Discounts on professional headshots through Maternal Focus


Why are memberships and listings only for one year?

This site is to connect parents with doulas who are in the process of learning to be a doula and building their business. After that time, I expect that you will be moving on to work at profitable prices and bring home some money to support your families.

But what if I want to be offering low cost services even after a year?

You certainly can, but that is outside the mission of this site. This site is designed to connect newer doulas in their first year. I always assume that the reduced prices associated with certifying will not be the long term, permanent pricing. As doulas grow in skill and experience, their pricing should reflect that.

How do I sign up?

Membership in Utah Doulas in Training is $25 a year. To join, fill out the form below and then complete payment on the next page. Your information will be posted within 48 hours unless I am at an induction. :)